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Do we not deserve more than second best?

With Banks and Supermarkets having extensive product lines, high volume of sales and low individual service they have grown to an extent where their customer service has fallen behind and their shopping experience can be less than perfect to say the least. Supermarkets economies of scale ensure they offer the cheapest price on food and for some of us price and convenience is worth the absence of good customer service and the presence of a fast paced no nonsense shoppers.

Gone are the days when we shopped in our local stores to purchase our groceries, where the owner knew us by our first name and when we could open up a tab and pay at the end of every week. We can see that banks are trying to market themselves as a ‘local friendly branch’ but they are blinded with a target driven atmosphere preventing them from getting to know their clients specific needs.

Applying for business finance is something businesses do once maybe twice so it’s important to get it right. Convenience shopping through a bank may only provide you with one offer with one set of terms or browsing on an online financial supermarket lacks one on one interaction. If you get your finance lender and or finance terms wrong – the consequences could be detrimental – it is not as easy as throwing away the wrong ingredient and buying the right one.  Go local with your finance needs and speak to the experts regarding your business finance.

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