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Do Politicians Understand Small Businesses?

It is party conference season, but what does that actually mean for small business owners.

Well, forgive me for being a bit cynical, but not that much in effect. It means that we have a number of high profile speeches, from various politicians from all across the political spectrum. And each one is talking about what they will do for their party, and why their party is the best option for their country.

In amongst their proposals are numerous pledges for small businesses. Pledges which tell us how much each party understands small businesses and why they are the best choice for small business owners.

However, what we actually see, government after government, is a host of pledges which invariably are not backed up by actions. If politicians were serious about helping small business owners (and in the process helping the economy), then we’d hope to see more concrete pledges, and for these to be backed up with actual results. Instead, we often are left with politicians who are focussed on their career progression – how many of our MPs actually know what it is like to run a small business?

What would you actually like to see from our politicians to help small businesses up and down the country?

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