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Client success stories

We’ve been in business a long time and have been able to help clients across all sectors with their business, commercial and property finance.

How have we raised finance for businesses like yours? We have written some successful completed cases about our clients and their financial journeys.

FSB member expands her nursery to satisfy demand

From 1999 FSB member Mrs Rasila Panchal ran a Children ’s Nursery from premises connected to her house in Huntingdon and later she started an after schools club. This year, more space was needed for growth so she sought planning permission to demolish the existing nursery, rebuild larger premises and convert the ground floor of her house. This would increase capacity from 13 children to 40!

Rasila was very excited but needed to raise the funds. The FSB referred her to ASC which meant at the outset she had a finance specialist, architect, accountant and solicitor – a very supportive team.

After she had the planning, costings and up to date financial data together with projections to move forward. We approached ASC panel lenders armed with a full business appraisal and arranged a refinance of the existing mortgage to provide 100% finance for the proposed works in agreed stages, with a drawdown retention.

During the rebuild, Rasila had to vacate her premises and rented a local hall. She obtained a registration increase from Ofsted of 13 to 35 children at these temporary premises so she could build up her numbers ready for moving back into her larger Nursery.

Paul said “when I met Rasila and her husband I just knew this lady was going to achieve her ambition as she had so much drive and enthusiasm and she deserves to succeed with this very exciting project.” Rasila responded “without ASC I could not have achieved my goals, I would recommend you to anyone who requires business finance”.

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