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Can Businesses learn from the Communist Politbureau in China?

I read the other the day that the new chairman of the communist party’s Politbureau has “banned flower arrangements, red carpet welcomes and the empty talk” as a crackdown on inefficient and showy bureaucracy. He wants his teams to “have short meetings, give short speeches and avoid niceties”.

It seems that this is a no nonsense business approach which many businesses in the UK would benefit from. Just think about when you phone up a call centre or when you receive an explanation about health and safety regulations etc. Wouldn’t you love it if someone would come straight to the point and give you the answers you want?

The truth is that the sharper the organisation and the flatter the management, the greater the focus on what really matters; the customers of your business.

In a way this approach applies to every organisation and the communist party is probably no exception. Let us know if you agree?

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