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Business Finance – Think outside the box!

A quick history lesson; before money, someone requiring a product or service would offer something in exchange. This was an early form of finance. 

Let’s look at your business in 2013 – you are operating a successful business selling a product or service but in the current economic climate, so many of your customers are buying less because they struggle to raise the funds needed. Why not think outside the box? Why not trade your product or service for something that you need?  

So here is our solution. Our new barter website is ready and provides a free and easy platform for you to trade products.

The ASC Barter aims to complement the current finance options that are available through and to help businesses grow without it affecting their bottom line.  This is a 100% free service – there are no costs. It is just our contribution to provide positive ideas and solutions for UK businesses to increase their activity.

If you are one of the lucky ones to register first, then don’t be alarmed, you will be joined very soon by other like-minded people who are looking to trade their products or services.

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