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Business Finance – do you enjoy wasting your time?

If you’ve ever thought about applying for business finance you might think that the ideal situation would be to walk in to your bank, apply for a business loan and come out with additional capital so that can drive your business forward.

But times have changed, your bank manager has disappeared and unless you enjoy rejections and frustration – what do you do?

Turning to ASC for the experience of dealing with a local director is rapidly becoming the popular option in the small business community. We’ve found that people enjoy talking to us because they don’t waste time going from one bank to another. They can continue to focus on running and developing their business which we find their finance.

Our expertise covers business finance, corporate finance, property finance, working capital and more. We have also created a new newsletter to show you more of what we can do, including cases of finance that have recently been arranged. 

Don’t get demotivated by all the bad news. Business finance can be arranged. Have a look at the ASC Finance for Business website which is updated regularly with all the latest news, views, competitions and prizes or get in touch to see if we can help you.

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