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Bad News for Journalists and Politicians – there is some good news

There is so much negativism in the economy which is amplified by all the stories you hear from politicians and journalists. Nobody disagrees that businesses cannot be run the same way as was possible in 2007. But equally let’s not constantly talk about a financial Armageddon.

On the contrary, we have seen increases in business. We are seeing business sectors which are doing well. In other words, there are opportunities around and we see this mirrored by an increase of sensible business. Why do I say sensible? Because if clients have sensible requirements there is sensible finance available. Contrary to what many believe there are some banks in this country that are actually keen to lend.

And just in case you are sceptical let me give you some example of business sectors which are doing well in 2012: Food retailing, web design, hair and beauty, specialist engineering, fashion, advertising (yes advertising!) and architecture.

If you operate a successful and interesting business we would like to hear from you.

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