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ASC and Amir Khan and Business Finance – we are not joking

You wonder why I want to talk about Amir Khan. Well I was very impressed with his recent win and it reminded me of applying for business finance. It is similar to a boxing match. Applying for business finance is a little bit like this: You have to prepare to go the whole 15 rounds. You have to be prepared to take punches and rejection. You therefore have to train hard and you have make sure that you have the right team and the right partners to help you in this task.

Yes you could do it alone but if you are properly trained and if you have worked out the right strategy with the right advisors then you will dramatically increase your odds and you will not suffer the tiresome and rather sole destroying journey of being constantly rejected or being constantly bombarded with unreasonable terms and conditions.

But if you don’t believe me, simply apply to all the banks on your own and enjoy the match – good luck!

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