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Are you fed up with modern banking?

In 44 years, you would think that a lot would have changed within our business.

As we were having a clear out, we came across some old marketing material from 30 years ago. As I was reading our old brochure I started to think how our company had changed over the years.

We’ve expanded our network of offices, we’ve brought on new people and likewise people have departed. We’ve adopted some new technologies to improve our customer relations and our efficiency, but one thing still remains the same; our values and the way we go about our business. We work on behalf of our clients and assist them in arranging the best finance for their business and that hasn’t changed. In that respect we are ‘refreshingly old fashioned’.

I am sure that there are many other businesses that are “refreshingly old-fashioned” and can work without any modern initiatives like call centers, yet provide a good and solid service without the need for modern gimmicks which don’t really help their clients.

Let us know how your business operates and if you prefer to operate with traditional values.

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