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Alternative finance is growing – but is it right for your business?

The Alternative finance market has grown by 84% according to recent research by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance. This is good news for small business owners looking for finance to grow their business, as it means that there are potentially more avenues available for securing finance. And as commercial finance brokers, we can agree – the peer-to-peer lenders who we work with on a regular basis, do provide increased options for us in terms of securing finance.

But there are still concerns with the alternative finance marketplace. The report highlights an increased perceived risk of fraud or malpractice in the marketplace, and from our experience, we know that the finance these lenders can provide is not suitable for every small business. Getting to understand the financial requirements of each and every business has always been a key part of our philosophy, and is important in arranging the right finance for the right business.

So to arrange the right finance for your business, be it through an alternative, traditional, or any other lender, contact your local ASC Director today.

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