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A (ridiculously priced) ticket to ride!

The ability to travel up and down the country is vital to the economy. Be it for businesses connecting to each other or reaching out to potential clients, or for the leisure and tourism industry, it is vital that people can move easily and quickly round the country.

Yet last month it was announced that rail fares are only going to be increasing by 6.1% in January next year. This was spun asa reduction on previous years, but is still an above inflation increase – something which train travellers have seen year on year. British rail users now have some of the most expensive train tickets in Europe. And on top of this, we have a system which is designed to be as confusing as possible, to ensure that passengers are not always able to see what their cheapest ticket is (off-peak, on peak, super-saver off peak, advance, etc. etc.)

If the Government is serious about trying to promote greener transportation, by getting people out of their cars and on to trains, they need to consider how much they actually cost to the user. Cheaper trains could provide a necessary boost to domestic tourism, as well as benefits for businesses up and down the country. It can be cheaper to fly to Europe, than to travel a much shorter distance by rail – and that is a clear sign that something has gone wrong in the system. If the Government really have these interests at heart then they need to take serious action.

Has your small business suffered due to train fares being too high? Let us know!

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