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A lawyer who defends himself has a fool for a client

If you want milk you would automatically go to the super market, if you need a mechanic for your car you would go to a car garage and if you need finance you would go to an independent finance broker.

There are ultimately two options if you want to arrange finance; you can do it yourself and suffer the punishment of delays, being fobbed-off by an unreachable bank manager while you neglect your business. Or you could approach an independent financial broker.

There is an old fashioned stigma when people think of brokers, that they are too expensive or that you can gain access for commercial finance without their help by just talking to your local bank manager. But I assure you it is far more complicated than that.

So excuse this obvious plug; opting for an independent finance broker is 1) not as expensive as you might think, 2) gives you much higher odds of gaining finance because you get independent feedback, 3) gives you access to a better deal which may be more suitable for you and your business and 4) allows you to focus on running your business.

Brokers offer a unique service which is to secure the best possible rates for their clients. We know because we’ve been doing it for nearly 45 years . . . successfully.

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Remember finance is available!

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