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Published 04/12/2018

It seems like every December, anyone and everyone releases a Christmas single. From corporations and celebrities to churches and charities, it seems that everyone wants to put their message out there at Christmas-time. Look out for the ASC single “Christmas Finance for Christmas People” in stores soon*!

This year, though, there’s a slightly unusual contender in the mix – mortgage brokers! A group of mortgage lenders and brokers have come together under Mortgage Industry Collective (MIC), and will be recording a charity single to raise money for the Mortgage Sleep Out initiative. The initiative, which took place this year at the end of November, involves people in the mortgage industry sleeping rough for the night to raise awareness of homelessness and raise money for homelessness charities.

Whilst mortgage brokers aren’t usually lauded for their musical talents, no doubt their actions to raise awareness are welcome to the organisers of the Sleep Out. We here at ASC wish them and the Sleep Out the best of luck – after all, ‘Tis The Season!


*Unfortunately, this isn’t real. We won’t subject you to it just yet. Next year, though….

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13/09/2013 Often, convention can stand in the way of innovation
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02/05/2012 £20bn raised by introducing one new tax – Yes – with one condition.
26/04/2012 Bad News for Journalists and Politicians – there is some good news
19/04/2012 Why Low Base Rates are Bad for You
12/04/2012 A better Idea for Quantitative Easing
05/04/2012 Where has the old fashioned bank manager gone?
29/03/2012 Message to our Banks - Businesses want to grow (and need to borrow)
22/03/2012 Corporate Cash at Record £731 billion
15/03/2012 You don't need a dentist to pull out your tooth
08/03/2012 Sale of Lloyds and RBS branches - has anyone asked the clients?
01/03/2012 AAA or Double Dutch - Take 2
23/02/2012 Good News or Bad News - High Street Closure Rates
16/02/2012 £1 Trillion Debt - Where has the money gone?
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04/01/2012 Guess who is dispensing an array of marketing advice?
19/12/2011 Marketing advice from a bank manager
12/12/2011 Bank of England v Treasury
05/12/2011 If you love red tape...You'll love the new National Loan Guarantee Scheme
28/11/2011 Money Laundering Regulation Going Mad
21/11/2011 Mirror Mirror on the wall - who's the best risk advisor of them all (RBS?)
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10/10/2011 After the Tsunami of Initiatives
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19/09/2011 UBS and You
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