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Business Finance can be arranged

Published 29/01/2013 12:52:00

If you are sitting there thinking that business finance is unavailable because the banks are tightening their purse strings, then let me enlighten you and encourage you to think outside the box like the people below.

In a recent article, 3 Australians required investment in their business to open an independent coffee shop in London. They had originally applied to their bank for £300,000 but it had taken 18 months to approve, during which time the bank had knocked the amount back to £165,000 and demanded an interest rate of more than 10%. A familiar example that will resonate with many small businesses applying to their bank for finance! 

The Australians were introduced to a company who were willing to invest £2m in the project which enabled them to purchase 13 branches of the collapsed chain Clintons in order to launch their independent coffee shop.

This just shows that if you are looking for business finance and you have some professional assistance, there are ways of obtaining the investment. At ASC we deal with thousands of small and medium sized business every year that are looking to start or grow their business. After 40 years at the heart of the SME community we have built up a trusted panel of contacts including commercial banks and specialist finance lenders to ensure that we get the best deal for our clients.

If you are thinking about making an investment in your business, then talk to ASC.
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