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Number of new regulations in Britain at record high

Published 17/01/2011 00:00:00

I was asked to comment on Regulation by FMWF (Financial Mail Woman's Forum) relating the Story the "Number of new regulations in Britain at record high". Here is what I said:

"It is a can of worms. A good idea on the political level often cannot be implemented on the front line. Everything is now so complicated that politicians just do not have the detailed knowledge or skill-set required. It is not party political. Politicians always have all these wonderful buzz words but do not deliver. They should move from the political catch phrase level to the real doing something level".

"It is not just the stupidity of regulation which creates problems for business, it is the unnecessary complexity. Take the topic of VAT on food: In 2010 the tribunals had to consider whether a Lucozade sports drink is food or drink, whether Subway's meatball Sub is hot or cold and whether an Innocent smoothie is food or drink."

You can find the full article at: Number of new regulations in Britain at record high « FMWF

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