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Am I too old for business finance??

Published 21/10/2014 09:43:38

In discussions with our clients, it is a question which does come up quite regularly:

“I’m over 60, can I still get a commercial mortgage?”

“Are there restrictions on me getting a business loan because of my age?”

And despite what people say, there are definitely ways of obtaining business finance, whatever your age. At ASC Finance, we have successfully arranged finance for many clients who are over 60 – by approaching the right lenders and using our experience to structure and present an application in the right way, we have a track record of obtaining finance for the over 60s.

So whether you are looking to purchase an investment property for additional income for retirement, our looking to purchase a guesthouse to manage, you shouldn’t give up because of your age. Speak to an experienced director at ASC to find out if we can arrange the right finance for you.

Remember, it is how old you are on the inside which counts!!!

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