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The importance of direct communication

Published 27/05/2014 09:03:02

When her colleagues wanted to give Suzanne a good send off, they thought that getting a cake would be a pretty safe bet, and a nice way of saying goodbye. However, when they opened the box, they were quite surprised.

The importance of direct communication

Okay, we can laugh at it now, but it does show the importance of communication. A quick message was misinterpreted at the other end, and it turned what would have been a nice gesture, into a piece of comedy.

And communication is important, as anyone running a business would know. And it is no different for people raising finance. We understand that every business is different, and that they all have different requirements when it comes to raising finance. That is why we don’t put our clients though call centres, but rather we offer them straight-forward and direct communication with an experienced director. It means we can understand the needs of each small business owner and entrepreneur, and can make sure that getting the right finance for them is a piece of cake.

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