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The Government is breaking its own promises to small businesses

Published 27/01/2015 00:00:00

Politicians always talk about helping out small businesses – and such talk is even more prevalent in an election year. And I’m sure that you’d agree that the promises they make are music to the ears of small business owners.

However, despite politicians saying the right things, unfortunately in isn’t always backed up by their actions.

Take for example the recent report from the National Audit Office. According to its own report, the Government is failing to meet its pledge that they should be paying small firms within 5 working days if the invoices are undisputed. That’s right; they are failing to meet their own commitment.

Now, forgive us for being cynical, but we are not actually too surprised by this revelation. Politicians are infamous for saying one thing and doing the other, but we think that it would be rather refreshing, if this year, when the political parties make their promises in return for your votes, they would actually try and keep them and actually begin to help out small businesses up and down the country.

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