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Published 29/07/2014 09:21:51

We all know that bankers get a hard time in the press. And of course, some of the criticism they receive is justified (and other parts are unjust). But let’s put aside that argument for the minute, and ask ourselves a different question.

What would your ideal bank look like?

Let’s say that you were starting up a bank from scratch. And that you got the chance to decide how to run it and what it would look like. What would you do?

Would it be online only? Open 24 hours a day? How would you deal with all the administration? How could you ensure that small businesses with the right plans and the right owners had access to finance they required? How can you ensure that the bank doesn’t lose money?

It’s probably not as easy a question as you first thought – but nevertheless, we want to hear what you think!

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Why ASC?

You already know that arranging business finance can be a tricky experience.

We appreciate that your time is precious. With our extensive knowledge of business finance available in today’s SME market we can approach the lending institutions that are right for your business finance needs. You will be saved from the frustration of endless form filling, repeated conversations with numerous lenders, and save you from having to provide each different lender stacks and stacks of information.

Our job is to remove the ever increasing number of hurdles that are put in your path, by arranging business finance or commercial finance for you in a time-saving and more efficient manner.

ASC have been established for over forty years and we have experienced more recessions and ups and downs in the economy then we care to remember. Due to our clear focus on independent businesses and entrepreneurs we have developed a track record which is envied by our competitors. You will deal directly with an experienced Director who has a strong commercial background and real experience enabling him or her to find the business finance which is just right for your business.

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